Welcome to Las Vegas Big Time 2023

The annual Las Vegas Big Time Tournament hosts 100’s of teams annually, from middle school through high school basketball boys and girls teams across the United States.

The Big Time Tournament brand provides the highest quality experience for our teams and fans. Teams from all skill level has a place here, as we provide divisions for every age and skill level, giving our teams a fair and competitive experience. 

In 2010  the Tournament name was Las Vegas Fab48. Because of administrative reasons, the name was changed to Las Vegas Big Time, but the same mission, to bring a positive and impactful product to national grassroots basketball, through top level events has not changed.

The Big Time Tournament has grown to become an highy sought after event by consistently providing an unparalleled experience for our participants.

JULY 18-22, 2023


JULY 19-23, 2023


JULY 24-26, 2023

$495 - $550

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